APAC Wire Technologies proudly represents the following companies and products;


Melbourne, Australia

Wirepro is a leading manufacturer of equipment and accessories for wire production. Wirepro’s products include;

•Mesh Welding Electrodes

•Tungsten Carbide Cold Rolls

•Descaling Brushes


Milan, Italy

A leading European manufacturer of lubricants and coatings. They have a leading role on the world wire market due to their constant innovation and commitment to satisfying customer’s needs. PAN CHEMICALS’ products include;

State of the art wire drawing lubricants, including the new borax free sodium soaps to meet current European ecological standards for high and low carbon steels and alloys and copper wire.
. Rod preparation equipment, including belt descalers and conventional mechanical descaling and coating lines.
. Die re-condition equipment.
. Carrier coatings, including phosphate and both reactive and non reactive coatings.
Ancillary products, including acid inhibitors for pickling, galvanizing fluxes, accelerators and surface conditioners for phosphate processes.


Milan, Italy

Amongst the global leading manufacturers of wire drawing plant and equipment and able to offer the most comprehensive range to suit many wire applications such as;

. Plants for steel cord and bead wire.
. Plants for P.C. wire, P.C. strand and Hi-Bond.
. Wet and dry drawing lines and static coilers.
. Machines for strands, ropes and cords.
. Mono-wire and multi wire metal coating lines with electrolytic chemical processing.
. Pay-off and take up units, as well as cold rolling lines for the production of welded mesh.
. Machines and plants for welding wire.
. Rod preparation and surface treatment lines.


Quebec, Canada

A leader in its field in the design, construction and supply of;

. Galvanizing lines, high carbon patenting lines.
. FastHeat Fluidbed Furnaces.
. High Turbulence Pickling Systems.
. GALFAN and Aluminizing.
. Borax and phosphate processing.
. Equipment and systems upgrades.

QED are developing energy efficient combustion systems in combination with Nitrogen & Vertical pad wiping systems in line with their patented FastHeat Fluidbed furnaces. QED lines can be found throughout Asia, Europe, Scandinavia, North and South America and Australia.



manufacturers of spools, reels and drums used in wire production including

  • Structural drums , collapsible spools as well as the heavy duty drums as used in the welded mesh fabrication lines,
  • Handling equipment such as coil lifters, reel auto lifters and tilters.

OMCG s.r.l


Established in 1963 from the diligence and avant-garde insight of Mr. Luigi Maggi, who introduced a completely innovative multi-slide machine’s concept and the first 6 axes CNC wire bending and forming machine on the market, OMCG “Officine Meccaniche Costruzioni Generali” has grown to become a core brand in the manufacturing of machines for this sector industry.

Operating in over 35 countries, OMCG is now one of the few worldwide companies to be able to supply a whole range of solutions for the bending and forming of wire, tube and strip by means of CNC benders and special machines for unique products.

A global manufacturer of machinery for metal wire, tube and strip bending for over 50 years, OMCG is proud to offer a full range of solutions for the wire, tube, strip bending industry such as:

  • CNC single-head benders from 2.0 to 18 mm (0.08” to 0.70”),
  • Specialised work-cells for specific applications like wiper arms, railway clips and muffler hangers manufacturing.
  • Additional units for straightening, chamfering, punching, cold end forming and other operations.

Varo s.r.l


Design and production of special machines for metal wire processing.

Founded in 1979 by the current sole director Mr. Giuseppe Rota, manufactured equipment and accessories for metal wire processing. In the following years, Varo developed its knowledge and technologies in the production of machines and accessories for the processing of metal wire, up to their current level that allows the company to compete worldwide with the most important companies in the sector.

The technological goals achieved in recent years make Varo machines a synonym of quality and reliability for machines such as:

  • Wire welding lines
  • Straight and cut lines
  • Robotic islands
  • Specialty lines for baskets, racks, filters etc.